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Small Footprint CIM Broker (SFCB)[edit]

SFCB is a CIM server for resource-constrained and embedded environments. It is written in C and designed to be modular and lightweight.


SFCB is under active development. The current stable release version is 1.4.8


  • Standards-oriented: supports CMPI providers, CIM-XML, MOF
  • Small: disk footprint (< 1MB); uses an efficient binary internal object format
  • Stable: a provider segfault does not bring down the whole CIMOM
  • Configurable: features easily enabled/disabled to suit deployment
  • Easy to talk to: HTTP( w/ chunking), HTTPS, Unix domain sockets, LocalConnect interface, SLP
  • Tested on UNIX platforms: Linux, BSD; x86, IA64, POWER, MIPS, S/390....
  • Packages available from distros: SuSE, Ubuntu (Fedora coming soon)
  • Builds easily using GNU Autotools
  • Client programs can interface directly with SFCB using SFCC


SfcbTheBook The main SFCB documention (contains most of the old README)
Class Providers - A guide for choosing which class provider and repository type to use
Slp - A quickstart guide on configuring and testing SFCB with SLP
Ssl - A quickstart guide on configuring and testing SFCB with SSL
Testing - Using the SFCB test suite
Debugging - Debugging SFCB
Enabling the autonomic data center with a smart bare-metal server platform - A whitepaper discussing setup of SFCB in a pre-boot environment

Get It[edit]

RPMs are available for Suse, Red Hat and others. For Suse:

zypper search sfcb

For Red Hat:

yum search sfcb

The upstream source code is is available in the Sourceforge git repository or as a tarball download.

Have code to contribute? Awesome. Please follow the steps for contributing code.



Dave Heller hellerda@linux.vnet.ibm.com