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Test Suite

Performing "hand-operated" tests of CIM Instrumentation can become a nightmare, if tests for different operating systems, Linux distributions, releases and hardware platforms are required. In order to guarantee that one CIM Instrumentation (aka provider) is functioning correct within different environments, a test suite was developed that offers the user a defined set of test scenarios and the possibility to perform automated function verification tests against installed CIM Instrumentation.

The Specification describes the architecture, the syntax of the configuration files to drive provider tests and error code descriptions.

Get the sources from CVS (module testsuite) or as tarball (package sblim-testsuite).

Provider Skeleton Generator

The provider skeleton generator package, short psg, contains different scripts to create provider skeletons of different interfaces and provider types. The package contains scripts to create CMPI C, NPI C and NPI C++ provider skeletons. The user has to specify the name of the file and which provider types need to be supported by the provider. For more information have a look into the package's README file or use the --help option of the scripts.

Get the sources from CVS (module psg) or as tarball (package sblim-psg).


ECUTE stands for "Extensible CIM & UML Tooling Enviroment". It's a collection of tools that are all based on Eclipse. ECUTE tooling supports all phases of the development process of CIM instrumentation and CIM exploitation. It consists of the follwing components:
  • UML Modeler With the UML Modeler you can create CIM models in UML. The UML models can be exported to or imported from MOF files. The modeler is based on the Eclipse EMF and UML2 projects. It follows the specification of the DMTF ( for mapping CIM to UML

  • Code Generator With the Code Generator you can generate all kinds of targets out of an exisiting CIM model. E.g. provider skeletons, java business objects, HTML documentation, etc. The generator templates are based on the Eclipse JET project and it's easy to write new ones in order to support another target.

  • CIM Explorer The CIM Explorer is a next generation tool for browsing through the information offered by a CIMOM. It offers automatic discovery of CIMOMs via SLP and also discovers namespaces, profiles and top-level elements on the CIMOM. You can perform any sort of query on the CIMOM, manage indication subscriptions and listen for indications.

  • CIM-XML Analyzer This tool sits in the middle between a CIM client application and a CIMOM and visualizes all traffic sent between the two. This might not sound to spectacular, but the ease of use and theway the information is presented will make it to your favorite problem determination tool in no time at all.
We are currently working on ECUTE 3.0 which includes all of the above. Two components are already available as Eclipse rich client standalone apss (Explorer & Analyzer) the rest will follow soon.
Modeler and Code Generator exist in an earlier release 2.2. In this release the Modeler relies on the Rational Software Architect 6 and the Code Generator is not JET based and therefore not simply extendable.

Get the sources from CVS (module ecute3x or ecute) or as tarball (package sblim-ecute).
Last Modified 2005-02-22